What is Stoicism? How can it change your life?

        Stoicism, an ancient philosophy that has modern practicality. The art of being in control of ones emotions, but do not mistake that for being emotionless. How many times have you made an emotional decision, that at the time felt right but when the fog of emotion clears, a better choice appears? Stoics are not emotionless, however they are not controlled by their emotions. Stoicism is ultimately a mindset that allows you to have an easier and happier experience on this earth. Stoicism reminds us that we often cannot control what happens to us, however we can control how we react to it. Stoicism is basically the ancient version of "It is what it is."


    Stoicism is a philosophical idea that empowers us to remember that our experience is ultimately up to us. Stoics remind us that perception is everything. To put it in more simple terms, Stoics often take the "Glass is half full" approach when viewing unfortunate situations. Stoicism reminds us that humans by nature are emotional creatures, by learning to control these impulses you'll make better choices. Stoicism is not just a philosophy, its a life style, a mindset and it can often be difficult to embody these ideas. It takes practice, dedication and time; however it can result in leading a happier and more successful life. There's a reason some of the most powerful men to ever live where stoics.




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